Rapper 2KBABY’s Friend Shot By Police After Chasing Down Chain Snatching Thief


An officer-involved shooting in Atlanta has gained attention after circumstances surrounding the event have been called into question. According to a report by 11Alive, officers stated that they were called to Lenox Mall this past Saturday. When they arrived they found two people, a man named Christian Edlin and another man they wouldn’t name, pointing guns at a third man named Antonio Williams.

Investigators said that the men were told to lower their weapons, but for some unknown reason, Edlin didn’t comply. In turn, an officer reportedly shot Edlin before arresting Williams on charges of robbery by snatching as well as giving a false name and birthdate. According to rapper 2KBABY who was at the scene, Edlin was defending him from Williams who attempted to rob him.

2KBABY shared that the unnamed man who also had a gun drawn on Williams was him. The rapper’s manager issued a statement explaining, “Someone asked to take a picture with him and then snatched his chain and they chased him and when they got to him asking for it back a cop came outside and just shot, hitting [2KBABY’s] friend ‘my brother’ who did nothing wrong but be the victim.”

Meanwhile, Edlin survived the shooting and faces charges of aggravated assault and carrying a firearm without a license. 2KBABY wasn’t arrested nor has he been charged. The manager admitted that the rapper and Edlin did have guns, but only for protection, not for criminal activity.

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