Rapsody Addresses Grammy Snub: “Disappointed. Yes. Frustrated…Beyond”


Although her album Eve was celebrated by hip hop enthusiasts, professionals, and critics, rapper Rapsody didn’t see her name on the list of nominees when the Grammy Awards announced their nods on Wednesday. Eve was set from inception to be a celebration of black women that Rapsody admired and the rapper was able to create a well-crafted record that was acclaimed throughout the industry.

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However, the lack of recognition angered fans who took to social media to share their ire. Initially, Rapsody simply tweeted a “shrug” emoji, but later she switched up platforms and wrote a lengthy message expressing her array of emotions over on Instagram. “Thank you for the LOVE you award me. I see you. The ones who lend me your ear, words, support,” she wrote in a caption of a photo of Eve‘s album art. “I rarely, if ever, show my cards or that I’m human when it comes to my music career. Feel like opening up some today, tho.”

“Today…..disappointed. Yes. Frustrated…beyond,” Rapsody admitted. “But, you have to tell yourself the good fight is never an easy one. And the people that are the faces of the purpose behind your art are what makes creating not empty: with awards. nominations, or none at all. Not to hold you, the acknowledgment for your craft indeed feels amazing!! I haven’t been nominated for much but what I have I’m thankful for.”

She also made sure to give thanks to fellow rapper Freddie Gibbs whose stellar collaborative project Bandana was also snubbed by the Grammys. “You put out one of the best albums….to everyone nominated for anything congratulations….to all artist who create….keep the microphone, pens, visuals, instruments lit. Art is too important not to share. Mad love.” Read her message in full below.

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