Raury Creates His Own Lane In His Smooth Project ”Fervant”


Raury is a quadruple threat — singer, songwriter, rapper, and producer. The free-spirited artist just released a beautifully produced mixtape, Fervant, showcasing a true reflection of his artistry. He’s known for mixing alternative folk with rap and electronic music, and this particular mixtape leaves the listener wondering what genre he fits into. That’s possibly what makes it most beautiful — that it could fit anywhere and nowhere at the same time. This is a work of art made for the outcasts and the peacemakers. Raury was also very proud of his mixtape that he went on Instagram to thank everyone involved in making it happen.

The singer takes us on a journey into his soul, and shows us the way his mind encompasses music. He’s also a guitarist, playing the instrument throughout almost the entire album. Fervant in its entirety has a bit of an earthy and bohemian style, giving the listener some peace and serenity. If you are someone who enjoys calming music, and like to dip your toes in wavy and smooth sounds, this mixtape is definitely for you. 




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