Ray J Shuts Down Princess Love’s Claim That He Left Her & Daughter Stranded


Ray J has finally addressed claims that he left his wife and daughter stranded in Las Vegas. The singer shared a clip onto his Instagram TV where he addressed both the media and the allegations made by Princess Love. The singer made it clear that he would never do anything to put his daughter in harm’s way. Then, he addressed everything that’s going on between him and Princess Love. “I’m at the sky loft if you can see. And I just don’t understand how somebody could get stranded if we never left. We been right here. You stay right there,” he said pointing to a corner of the room.

What seemed to prompt the response in general was not necessarily just the claims but the fact that it was taken to social media. Princess Love essentially called him out on Instagram but Ray J came back with some positive vibes. He said that even during these tough times, they need to make sure they’re as tight as ever in order to overcome the hardships. However, he did apologize towards the end of the video.

According to TMZ, what actually happened was Ray J was in Vegas for a business trip. His daughter and wifey came along as well but an argument sparked about how he’s still working when she’s eight and a half months pregnant. Apparently, he wasn’t trying to entertain the argument and left to get another room at the hotel. Ray J reportedly just wanted to give her some space and allow things to blow over a bit. 

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