Ray J’s Scoot-E-Bike Company Projected To Earn Over $200M In 2020


In the latest episode of The Vince Staples Show, Staples seeks refuge in Ray J’s mansion after being caught cheating on his girl. “Next time you get into it with your girl, start a business,” Ray J advises the Long Beach rapper. “You start a business, you so busy you have no time to cheat. Last time I did that, I created the ScootEBikes. I got so rich I bought her a helicopter.” Staples stares at the elated Ray J with indifference, but Ray J is clearly the winner in this scenario. 

While Ray J was playing an exaggerated version of his entrepreneurial self in this web series, in real life, he truly is enjoying large amounts of success. Last year, the R&B singer managed to dodge a $30 million lawsuit over his Raytroniks Corporation’s electronic scooter brand, ScootEBike. Next year, according to The Source, ScootEBike is projected to earn over $200 million. These high estimates are a result of Raytroniks signing a deal with the Canadian ride-sharing company, LOOPShare, to expand its reach over the fertile market of sustainable urban transportation. Ray J will reportedly earn $34 million from the partnership and receive over 18 million common shares in LOOPShare.

ScootEbikes will hit the streets in 2020. Considering how ahead of the curve the company is with its innovative technology, it has a projected gross potential of over $2 billion in the next two years.



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