Ray J’s Wedding Ring Disappears After Princess Love Makes Her Intentions Clear


After Ray J reportedly left his wife Princess Love and their daughter “stranded” in Las Vegas as he partied with escorts, it’s not entirely a surprise that the reality television couple is headed for a divorce. Ray J is seemingly working hard behind the scenes to repair the trust he broke but, on Princess Love’s side, she’s adamant that they’re not right for each other. The latest update in this ongoing dramatic story involves the loss of a wedding ring, which potentially points to Ray J giving up on his marriage.

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Princess Love has been clearly stating that she wants a divorce but, on Ray J’s side, he’s down to work on things so they can stick together for their daughter. Several days have passed and it looks like the singer is starting to lose hope. As reported by TMZ, Ray J was photographed at the Los Angeles International Airport on Monday without his wedding band, marking the first time he’s gone without it during this madness. Ray J and Princess Love have been married for a few years and, upon zooming into his hand in the new photos, a tan line is visible on his ring finger.

It’s not looking like a reconciliation is in the cards now that Ray J is going without his ring. Do you think we’ve seen the last of this couple?

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