R&B Singer Ann Marie Was Hysterical On 911 Call After Shooting


A week after she reportedly shot her friend in the head, the frantic 911 of singer-songwriter Ann Marie has surfaced. Yesterday, we reported on the news regarding the R&B singer’s arrest after police responded to a motel in Atlanta. The man reportedly survived the shooting, and while he was able to speak with police about the incident, it’s unclear what he’s shared with investigators.

A police report details Ann Marie’s initial statements where she claims that the shooting occurred after a gun fell from a table and accidentally fired off a shot. Responding officers reported that Ann Marie was hysterical and screaming when they arrived at the scene, and the recently released 911 call echoes those claims.

“A projectile was also found by the bathroom door on the carpet and one in the bathroom tub,” the police reported stated. “There was one bullet hole in the door jam, and also one in the cabinet top right corner in the bathroom.”

Jonathon Wright, 24, is reportedly a childhood friend of Ann Marie’s and they were visiting Atlanta from their hometown of Chicago. When police arrived at the scene, Jonathon was found laying at the end of the bed. In the call, Ann Marie alluded to grabbing a towel which caused the gun to fall. 

“I love you, I swear to God, I love you,” the singer said in the audio clip. “Please, my best friend is shot please. Please help us please…. *screaming* Please ma’am, please! Please somebody help me! Help me please!… It was an accident.” The dispatcher repeatedly asks Ann Marie to calm down “so we can help you” to which the singer continuously screams. They also ask her several times to tell them her phone number, but Ann Marie remains manic.

The “Secret” singer was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony. Listen to her 911 call below.