Rebecca Black Reflects On The Virality Of “Friday”


The virality of Rebecca Black’s “Friday” is an odd moment to reflect on. With YouTube mostly a young person’s game and social media still new, the 13-year-old could have never expected what would happen when she released the goofy, middle-school anthem that has over one hundred million views. Black spoke with Yahoo Entertainment/SiriusXM Volume this week reflecting on the moment.

 “I’ve gone back and asked so many times, why did I do that?” she admits now, referring to the way she acted after the release of “Friday”. “Every now and again… I will end up in a deep dive of those old interviews or videos, and it’s really weird for me to watch, because I was just lying to myself. I was out there on some of the biggest things in the world and biggest platforms, being like, ‘I’m fine, I’m strong, I’m cool. It doesn’t bother me!’ And I really believed that at the time, but as I grew up and started to actually make music, or try to, I was so unbelievably insecure.”

In the end, Black is grateful for “Friday,” saying it gave her “such an intense amount of empathy for other people, and for why they may be doing the things that they’re doing or what they might be going through while they’re saying they’re ‘totally fine.’”



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