Record Execs Confirm Gary Glitter Won’t Get Any Music Royalties From “Joker”


Much controversy stirred amidst the release of the Joker when it was revealed that a song by convicted pedophile Gary Glitter would be used in the movie. Usually, the latter would mean that Glitter would collect money in music royalties. The news enraged many, but record executives have ensured it would not happen. The song entitled “Rock and Roll Part 2” was one of Glitter’s many hits and was featured in the villain-focused movie. The song comes precisely at a time where the movie’s main character Joaquin Phoenix dances along to the sound of the music in a scene. The song’s use is not only obvious but also plays a pivotal role in the titular character’s transition into the “Joker.”

Now, according to the Los Angeles Times, Glitter will not receive any money from the movie despite his song being used. Apparently, Glitter had sold the rights to all of his music over 20 years ago to a British label by the name of Snapper Music. The group is now under the control of Universal Music Publishing Group and the music collective confirms that they “not pay him any royalties or other considerations.” Glitter was convicted for downloading child pornography photos back in the 1990s.



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