Redman Has A Good Time On “Zugga”


Veteran rapper Redman surprised fans with a 3 track EP aptly entitled 3 Joints this past week. The brief project finds Redman in a space where it feels like he’s only making music for fun. The best example of this on the tape is the track “Zugga.” The song feels like a throwback single from the mid-90s. A skeletal instrumental comprised of jungle sounding percussions and an elusive deep bassline give the song life. 

Redman drops colorful and hilarious bars, sticking to what we know him for. The punchlines are on point, and you can tell that Redman is just having the time of his life in the studio. Some of the references are a little dated, meaning listeners either have to be older or have some expanded knowledge of pop culture. The chorus doesn’t make much sense, but in the best way. It’s infectious, amusing, and enjoyable. 

Quotable Lyrics
I was out there, when BIG got shot
Since then, I move like SWAT
And no G like B Hop
Still in the ring
I’m angry, I’m Idi Amin 


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