Redman Isn’t Afraid To “Slap Da Sh*t Outcha”


Eminem once rapped that Redman was the best rapper alive. Reggie Noble is a legend, which is why fans were delighted when he dropped off the surprise EP 3 Joints this week. Redman’s sense of humor is still intact, and so are his flows. He proves this on “Slap Da Shit Outcha,” a hilarious banger that features an infectious instrumental. 

Reggie uses hyperbolic storytelling to explain to the audience what would force him to smack someone. His reasons range from his kids taking the batteries out of the remote to people asking him for money. It’s hard not to laugh as you’re nodding along to the synth-heavy beat. Cleverly placed smacking effects are distributed as percussions throughout “Slap Da Shit Outcha,” making Redman’s bars even more potent. 

Quotable Lyrics
I walk around the world tryna smack everybody
I’m certified, IG don’t need to verify me
I smack the shit outcha, playing rich and being broke
I smack my kids taking batteries out the remote
I smack the shit out police when they pull me over
Then stick my middle finger up to the camera on his shoulder


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