Reggie Miller Is Still Livid With Michael Jordan


Michael Jordan is known as not just the best basketball player of all time but one of the greatest trash talkers as well. Jordan could be pretty ruthless with what he told his opponents and more often than not, this led to some longlasting hatred. One of his biggest rivals back in the 1990s was none other than Reggie Miller of the Indiana Pacers. If it wasn’t for MJ, Miller probably would have won an NBA title although it simply never came to fruition.

In light of “The Last Dance,” Dan Patrick had Miller on his show today where they talked about a whole plethora of topics, including Jordan. At one point, Patrick asked Miller what he would do if he saw Jordan at dinner. As Miller explains, there would simply be too much resentment there for the meeting to be civil.

Per Dan Patrick:

Patrick: What would you say if you sat down with him at dinner?

Miller: (pause)…..I might punch him

Patrick: Are you being serious?

Miller: (pause)….man, there was a lot of stuff being thrown back and forth…

With these comments in mind, it’s clear that Jordan must have said something foul to Miller out on the court. Not to mention, consistently losing to the same person over and over again can certainly weigh on one’s spirit.

Hopefully, Miller and Jordan can patch things up one day.


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