Regina Hall Praised Online Following Hilarious 50th Birthday Song


Regina Hall has brought a lot of joy to people’s faces with her work in the entertainment industry and today, the actress officially turned 50 years old. She has lived a pretty amazing life up until this point and even in the year that is 2020, she appears to be quite optimistic about the future and everything it is about to bring. 

As a way to celebrate this joyous occasion, Hall decided to take to Instagram with a special song that describes exactly how she feels about turning 50. The song itself is pretty hilarious and you can tell that the actress wanted to have fun with this one. 

“A bitch is old, today/I passed half my life expectancy,” she says throughout the song “But I’ve been told I still got good pussy/So Shout out, to all my old bitches.” These lyrics are sung all while Hall jumps around on a trampoline and frolics around her home with pure glee.

Of course, the lyrics caught the eyes of many of her fans, including those who might not necessarily always pay attention to her career. The actress immediately began to trend, and it’s clear her words have resonated with those of a similar age range, while also piquing the curiosity of some more casual fans.

You can see what people had to say about the song, below.

Regina Hall

Rachel Luna/Getty Images