Reginae Carter’s Family Dress As “Us” For Halloween But Don’t Tell Jordan Peele


Just yesterday we posted about Jordan Peele’s response to all his adoring fans who thought he would love to see their Halloween costumes of his latest thriller, Us. The costume is an easy one to do, just dressing up in a red jumpsuit with some scissors but according to Jordan, he doesn’t want to see any of them. 

Jerritt Clark/Getty Images 

“I’ve started receiving a lot of people in Tethered costumes, which, it doesn’t make me comfortable,” he said. “You know, I like the fact that the movie is happening, it’s a phenomenon, it’s resonating, it’s iconic — but, I don’t know, there’s something about … it’s like, they’re impersonating the stalkers and sending me stuff.”

Reginae Carter and her family – mom, dad, step-dad and sister – are yet another group who decided to be the scary family in the film. “Man man man. Look what @reign_beaux got me signing up for,” she captioned the image, trying to put the blame on her baby sister in a joking way. 

Tracee Ellis Ross and her Black-ish film crew are another celebrity group who also dressed up as the scary family from Us, also killing it at the costume – who do you think pulled it off the best?


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