Remy Ma Claims To Make “7 Figures A Year” Off Of “Lean Back” & “All The Way Up”


‘Tis the season for celebrities to begin promoting more products than ever on social media. While it is true that it’s a common occurrence to see famous figures and influencers advertise products on Instagram throughout the year, there’s an influx during the holiday season due to all of the sales that are running rampant online. Remy Ma was minding her business over on her Instagram page as she shared a photo of herself with a makeup palette when a user attempted to put the rapper in her place about her finances and career.

Phillip Faraone/Getty Images

“Seems like you trying to be someone you aren’t,” the woman wrote. “Guess no music sales gotta sale other ish. Get back to the music.” Remy stumbled upon the rude comment and had a little bit of time to spare so she put the woman in her place. “Seem like you don’t know me from nowhere,” Remy said. “Seem like you’re forced to rely on one source of income so you assume I have that same problem.”

“Seem like you don’t know that if I never made another song in my life I’d still make 7 figures a year off of Lean Back and All The Way Up alone,” Remy Ma added. “Seem like you don’t even have a clue about the music industry cuz if u did u would know how irrelevant sales are.” It looks like Remy and her best friend Fat Joe are laughing all the way to bank and have been for years. Is Remy speaking facts?


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