Remy Ma Gets Charges Dropped In Brittany Taylor Assault Case: Report


Earlier this year, Remy Ma found herself in trouble with the law, once again. Love & Hip Hop star Brittney Taylor claimed Remy Ma assaulted her backstage at an event that sparked legal actions. Remy turned herself in and was hit with assault charges and was later hit with even more assault charges. Mind you, Remy’s also on probation so this initiated a probe into her conditions. 

Remy Ma can now breathe easily, though. According to TMZ, the charges filed against her have been dropped. Remy’s legal team left an NYC courthouse this morning with the rapper after the prosecutors declared that they couldn’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Remy put her hands on Taylor. 

Taylor made the allegations in April but the thing is that there wasn’t surveillance footage of the alleged attack nor were there any witnesses that saw the fight go down. This clearly worked in Remy’s favor today in court. The judge dismissed the case.


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