Report: Raiders To Strongly Pursue Tom Brady In Free Agency


The Raiders are in a position to go after Tom Brady if he decides to leave the Patriots in free agency, league sources have told ESPN.

Maddie Meyer / Getty Images

While Brady has not indicated whether he plans to re-sign or not, he did post an ominous picture on Twitter that worried Patriots fans. His teammates Devin and Jason McCourty explained on Barstool Radio that everything isn’t as dramatic as it seems: “Everybody’s overreacting. He’s like, ‘It’s not is he going to stay, is he going to go (and leave the Patriots)?’”

Sources explain to ESPN that Raiders head coach Jon Gruden is an admirer or Brady’s craft and will do everything he can to sign the legendary quarterback. 

As demonstrated by the teams’ final game, Raiders’ fans are not optimistic in Derek Carr. Fans booed and threw food on the field after his poor performance to finish the season. 

“I think that Derek is an amazing quarterback,” rookie Josh Jacobs said on Friday. “I think that he’s actually one of the smartest guys I’ve ever met. I mean, whatever they decide to do, we’ll be in good hands. You can’t ever really compare another quarterback to Tom Brady. But, I think that whatever they decide to do we’ll be in good hands.” 


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