Rexx Life Raj Explains How He Got Played At Popeyes When The Chicken Sandwich Returned


Bay Area staple Rexx Life Raj always comes through with some smooth and sultry bangers, putting on for California and representing that West Coast vibe with ease. The laid back rapper has been running things for a minute, earning impressive placements and building his repertoire to a point where he’s seen as one of the most talented voices on the West. He recently took a trip to New York and, while he was here, he stopped by the HNHH office to play a game of This Or That, our dilemma-inducing question-and-answer session carefully constructed to trump your favorite artists. He came through with some magic.

Right off the bat, Rexx Life Raj admitted that he wasn’t feeling too hot after having some nasty eggs from his hotel’s buffet that morning. He went on to painfully explain why he would choose podcasts over Netflix and stumbled on our oxtail vs. aux cord question. When it came time to choose between Chick-Fil-A and Popeyes, Raj went for the latter and explained that, when the chicken sandwiches came back earlier this year, he got tricked into ordering way more than he initially wanted. 

“I’ma keep it lit. Popeyes damn-near sliding on Chick-Fil-A,” admitted the Bay Area artist. “I’ma tell you a story. So, I pull up to Popeyes four days ago and I’m on the phone with my girl. She was like ‘don’t go to Popeyes because last time you got food poisoning. You was boobooing on yourself.’ I was like ‘don’t worry about that, that’s the past.’ I think I’m just finna get a regular three-piece and a biscuit. Some old-fashioned negro shit, so let me get a three-piece and a biscuit with the honey on the side and macaroni and cheese. I knew it was finna get awkward because the lady was like, ‘um, do you want any appetizers or desserts with that?'” From that point on, things got pushy and Raj walked out with a much larger order than he had anticipated.

Watch the full video above to see what kind of atrocity he left with.


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