”Rhythm + Flow:” Who’s The Hottest Contestant Right Now?


Cardi B, Chance the Rapper and T.I. chose 30 contestants to battle it out for $250,000 in Netflix’s show Rhythm + Flow. The winner gets the chance to play a set on Spotify’s Rap Caviar Live eventThe 30 contestants got narrowed down to 16 after the Cypher episode. Then the competition got heated in the one-on-one Rap Battles. The contestants were all paired up, and whoever won the rap battle won the round, while the loser went home. In this week’s final episode, Music Videos, each rapper got to showcase their bars, and their ability to work under pressure while working with some of the industry’s greatest producers.

”Let the Battles Begin,” they said. In the Cypher episode, the challengers got some great advice from guest of honor, King Los. Through his mentorship, he set the bar high for the contestants, advising them to flow like 2 of the best rappers in the world, Tupac and Biggie. The Rap Battle episode was one of the most stressful ones. The judges paired some of the best rappers together, and the pressure was on. In Scottie Beams Rhythm + Flow: The Aftershow, one of the fans’ favorite contestants, Old Man Saxon spoke about his experience. He lost to the show’s most professional lyricist, D Smoke. However, he expressed that he would rather have lost to D Smoke than anyone else on the show. The judges even had a hard time choosing the winner.

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Old Man Saxon had an unorthodox style, but his bars were exquisite. However, D Smoke’s bars were unmatched. Let’s not forget to mention Flawless Real Talk, the contestant who lives up to his name. He won against Beanz, a great rapper from New York. The final episode, Music Videos ended with a cliffhanger, so don’t forget to tune into the next episode to find out what happens. 

Who is/are your favorite contestant(s)?

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