Rich Homie Quan Returns With New Single “Daily Bread”


Rich Homie Quan has his foot back in the door and there’s no way he’s stepping out this time. Following up on 2019’s Coma project, the Atlanta-born rapper has woken up and he’s ready to get back in the game.

For too long, he’s been one of the more underappreciated artists of his generation. Following his falling out with Young Thug and Birdman, RHQ had a tough time garnering the same sort of attention that his Rich Gang collaborator was getting. Thugger grew to new heights but Rich Homie was left behind, refusing to go mainstream and sticking to his brand of street music. As he continues to consistently release good singles and projects, fans are excited to be gifted a brand new record from the 31-year-old this week.

Dropping the video for “Daily Bread” on Thursday, Rich Homie Quan has officially returned and he’s angling to stay around for a while longer. The self-directed video takes place at his house as he spends time with his girlfriend, watching Kobe Bryant highlights by the pool and enjoying life. See how Rich Homie has been living in the video below.

Quotable Lyrics:

Got my foot back in, ain’t no way I’m gone let up
Bought thousand-dollar shoes just to go to church in
I spent forty-thousand on my latest purchase
It’s hate to see that hate through the Maybach curtains
Ain’t no man on earth I will ever worship
Had to keep it in the streets, I couldn’t go commercial