Rich The Kid Stays Loyal To Tori Brixx During Post-Engagement Strip Club Visit


It was only a matter of time before Rich The Kid and Tori Brixx got hitched. Not only is she the mother of his child, but the two of them are often pouring out their affection for one another on social media. There was the exception a few weeks ago when they got into a heated argument on IG Live, but it was followed by Rich publicly declaring that “he would never disrespect [his] wife in any way.” It seems he let his intentions slip when he said this by foreshadowing his proposal that occurred on Friday

The Queens rapper shared videos of him popping the question and his captions gushed about how excited he is to be wed to Tori. The next stop for the celebrations was, naturally, the strip club. As Cardi B and Offset have shown us, the strip club can be a great outing for a committed couple. Rich The Kid posted two photos of himself in the process of tossing a stack of ones on a fishnet-covered booty, but he doesn’t appear to be that into it. The indifferent expression on his face perfectly captures the mood detailed in his caption: “When u jus got engaged & u ain’t tryna loook at no other Ass.” In the second photo of the slideshow, Rich refuses to look at the booty, while Tori, on the other hand, is tuned in. 


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