Rich The Kid Thirsts Over Lori Harvey In Unreleased Song


Rich The Kid has taken his long-time admiration for social media personality and girlfriend of Michael B. Jordan, Lori Harvey to a whole new level, and fans are not happy about it. The “Plug Walk” rapper shared a snippet of the song allegedly titled “Lori Harvey” which featured degrading comments about the model’s past relationships, her curves, and his strong desires to sleep with her on Wednesday, March 31.

The Queens native has no problem shooting his shot as he tried his chances with Kim Kardashian through an Instagram caption on the same day before abruptly changing his mind. However, his attention and mildly obsessive behavior toward Lori seem to be much stronger.

In the song, he rapped, “Yeah, she bad, I’m gon’ f*ck her like a thottie (Thottie)/ You a dime, might worry about your bodies (Bodies).”

He continued saying, “She f**k a rapper, singer, actor, oh, she naughty (Yeah).” The song progresses, calling her a hottie before Rich repeats Lori’s name in the chorus: “Lori Harvey (Lori), Lori Harvey (Lori)/ Lori Harvey (Lori), Lori Harvey (Lori)/ Yeah, she bad, I’m gon’ f**k her like a thottie.”

Since then, the rapper has been labeled as rude and disrespectful for the song.

Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan have yet to comment on the unreleased track and there is little expectation that they will. The pair have been dating the Creed actor for several months now, and after news of Steve Harvey’s approval and praise of the relationship, things seem to be going well.

In other news, earlier this month Rich The Kid was arrested for possession of a concealed weapon at LAX, and was released later that day.

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