Rich The Kid’s Behind-The-Scenes Drama Has Kept Him From Releasing New Music


Fans have taken notice that Rich The Kid hasn’t been as active musically lately. He usually previews new tracks or drops surprise singles routinely, but for unknown reasons, the rapper hasn’t shared any updates on what’s to come in his career. The Rich Forever Music CEO decided that enough was enough, so he addressed his supporters on social media to share that he’s been at odds with the powers that be behind the scenes, but he’s still on his grind and ready to deliver something new sooner than later.

Brian Ach/Getty Images

“Dear fans, family, friends, and loved one, in the past 6 months I’ve been dealing with massive amounts of headache trying to release music,” he wrote. “I’ve not been able to release music as consistently as my past years but it hasn’t been my fault, I want to apologize and thank every one of my fans especially the day one fans that have been here supporting me since the mixtape days.”

“Sorry im haven’t been able to update y’all how I’ve wanted to….But f*ck that it’s up now!!! Yu hatin rap n*ggas better stay in the house cause I’m coming for it ALL!!!” Rich then instructed his fans to comment on his page if they wanted a new mixtape from him next month. “I do this for y’all & my family that’s it nothing more!!! I came from nothing I already won! Everyone have a blessed day. I woke & felt the need to explain.”

We just may get some new music from Rich next month, so stayed tuned for that. In the meantime, he recently dropped the music video for his Rich Forever 4 collaboration “Party Bus” with Rich Forever Music artists Famous Dex and Jay Critch. Make sure to check that out along with his message below.


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