Richard Jefferson Slammed By Knicks Fans After Biased Commentary


Despite being a laughing stock for over a decade, the New York Knicks have managed to get things together and are now viable playoff contenders. They currently sit in sixth place in the Eastern Conference and they have a realistic shot of shooting up to fourth if they win a couple more games. Knicks fans are absolutely loving this season and after defeating the Dallas Mavericks on Friday night, fans are confident that this team is going to do big things in the future.

Unfortunately, Knicks fans couldn’t even enjoy the win as they were too preoccupied with hating on former NBA star and current analyst, Richard Jefferson. Throughout the game, Jefferson came across as biased towards the Mavericks and even seemed to hate on the Knicks a little bit, even though the team was playing well.

Richard Jefferson

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Knicks fans were livid about this and immediately took it as disrespect. This led to quite a few angry tweets, all while Jefferson started to trend on social media. As you can see below, Knicks fans had a lot of hatred in their heart for Jefferson and they are even calling for ESPN to stop assigning Knicks games to the former player.

While all of these comments are certainly harsh, there is no denying that when it comes to Knicks fans, you need to walk on eggshells otherwise you will become a trending topic.