Rick Ross Encourages Nate Robinson To Stay Optimistic After K.O.


Nate Robinson is currently the laughing stock of the Internet after he got knocked out by Jake Paul. Yes, the YouTuber Jake Paul. It was an embarrassing moment that was broadcasted for the world to see and now, he’s a trending topic on Twitter. 

The clip of Nate’s humiliating KO immediately made rounds on social media in real-time. Jim Jones, Rick Ross, and many others chimed in on the shocking moment. Rozay, however, is a stand-up guy and waited until he found out Nate Robinson was good until he allowed himself to enjoy the moment. “Now we know he alright, we could enjoy the entertainment,” Ross said while evidently trying to hold back the laughter.

Despite the humor in the knockout, Ross wasn’t going to contribute to the flurry of memes that flooded the timeline. Instead, he offered Robinson some words of encouragement as he seeked to honor the former-NBA player’s basketball legacy.

“I finna find a Nate Robinson jersey to put on today,” Ross said as he looked at his collection of jerseys in his closet. “Y’all got the Nate Robinson Challenge going on. They pickin’ on the man. That’s my dawg, man,” he added. It seems like Ross was a little less concerned for Nate Robinson rather than the WingStop branding, though.

“I finna find a Nate Robinson jersey because this shit ain’t right. Y’all did my dawg wrong. You know he was promoting WingStop,” he said. Unfortunately, Ross doesn’t possess a Robinson jersey but he did offer the embattled athlete to pick up a 50 piece of wings.

“I still want you to go get a 50 piece WingStop and find a way to enjoy the day. All the memes going on. Everybody face down, ass up. I get it. I get it. I get it. But Nate, you went in there and you got you a check. Just look at the positive,” Ross concluded.