Rico Nasty Comes To Saweetie’s Defense In “Birds Of Prey” Debate


Rico Nasty is setting the record straight.

After fans have increasingly been up in arms about the Atlanta rapper’s omission from the Birds Of Prey soundtrack, which included Doja Cat, Megan Thee Stallion, and Saweetie. They particularly took umbrage with the fact that Saweetie was styled in the same spike hairstyle that Rico has been seen sporting many a time. Fans would go on to accuse the move as a clear snub of Rico and proceed to accuse Saweetie of jacking the “Smack A B-tch” rapper’s style in the process.

Rico, who is more privy to the inner workings of the music industry, soon came to Saweetie’s defense. In a tweet, she asserted that she was sure Saweetie had nothing to do with this creative choice and also assured fans that she was not sweating the fact that she was not on the Birds Of Prey soundtrack. 

“I don’t think she had anything to do with anything,” Rico penned. “I don’t think anything of anything iTs JUST a soundtrack […] I wasn’t the first black girl to wear spikes and thankfully I won’t be the last.”

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