Rico Nasty & Soleima Connect With ChillPill On “Lil Bitch”


ChillPill is taking things to a new level. The producer came through with a brand new collaboration alongside Soleima and Rico Nasty titled, “Lil Bitch.” With a pop feel from the production and Soleima’s vocals, Rico Nasty swings through with a bit of liveliness that spruces the record up in contrast to Soleima’s more soothing delivery. The song was released alongside a visual as well as a new video game that includes the three artists. Rico, Soleima and ChillPill run through the video game as they attempt to protect the world from ‘lil bitches.’

“On the surface level, it’s a fun genre-blending idea, almost a tongue in cheek flip on pop culture. On a deeper level, it’s really a dark comedy and commentary on the state of the music industry,” ChillPill said about the single.

Check the record and video out below.

Quotable Lyrics
You were supposed to be the one to hold me down
Why you gotta act like such a bitch?
I wish I never met you ’cause you act just like a kid