Rihanna & A$AP Rocky’s Fashion Awards Photos Spark Power Couple Fantasies


Fans started fantasizing about the prospect of A$AP Rocky and Rihanna dating after they went on a luxurious shopping spree together in his 2013 music video for “Fashion Killa”. Aside from their shared interest in clothing, they seemed like the perfect pair due to their ridiculously good looks. Rumors occasionally popped up over the years that they might be an item, but nothing ever confirmed that this power couple of people’s dreams was a reality. 

The hope for Rockihanna died down as Rihanna seemed to be in a low-key relationship with a Saudi billionaire for some time. However, the hope was reignited on Monday night (Dec. 2) when Rihanna and Rocky walked the Fashion Awards red carpet together. RiRi was being honored with the Urban Luxe prize for her LVMH-backed fashion line, Fenty. A batch of photos of the two recording artists at the event circulated the cyberverse and tweets show that people think the fashion killas look too good side-by-side for them to not be lovers. They were both appropriately dressed in Fenty for the occasion – she in a satin mint green dress and he in an over-sized tuxedo. 

Read the tweets below calling for Rihanna and Rocky to just date already and make a baby. 

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