Rihanna Acknowledges Her Admirer, Lil Uzi Vert, With Signed Copy Of Her Book


I know we’re all in love with Rihanna, but Lil Uzi Vert is REALLY in love with Rihanna. We started discovering the depth of his admiration for her back in November, when Uzi got candid on Twitter leading up to the release of his latest single, “Futsal Shuffle 2020”. A fan asked the Philly rapper for an update on him and RiRi, likely wondering whether Uzi had shot his shot yet. He replied that he’s still waiting on the day that The Bad Gal finally realizes that he is “THE ONE” and that, until then, he “don’t wanna hear about her she 2 perfect.” In an iconic moment in both Twitter and HNHH history, Uzi then responded to one of our tweets lamenting that the chance of this dream coming true are slim, since Rihanna would never even look in his direction. 

In a beautiful turn of events, Uzi was just proven wrong. The queen herself has acknowledged her admirer by sending him a signed copy of her recently-released 500-page visual autobiography. “To my n**** Uzi,” Rihanna wrote on the first page, signing off with a heart next to her name. The book, if you haven’t seen it in person, is absolutely massive – almost the same size as Uzi himself. You could imagine him sleeping with it laying beside him and him occasionally flipping it open to long for the day that Ri realizes they are destined to be. 

This photo of his gift is now one of two posts on Uzi’s IG – the other being a fit pic that he must have thought was too fire to delete. This purging of his page suggests that we’re coming close to the release of his highly-anticipated album, Eternal Atake

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