Rising Star Lonr. Shares New “Safe Zone” Track


All thanks to the power of a viral social campaign, singer Lonr. has found considerable success in his “A.M.” track with a very familiar “Hop out the bed/Rock out again” hook characterizing the Cape Cod-born singer-songwriter’s short catalog. Now, he has returned to add to his library with “Safe Zone,” previewing his forthcoming Land Of Nothing Real debut project.

“I always zone out and go into my own little world,” says of his creative process. “That’s the Land of Nothing Real. If you don’t like where you are, you can escape into another realm. This project is really about love, longing, and desire. Those topics are always on people’s minds. I’m examining them with melodic and dreamy songs.”

Quotable Lyrics

I held you so tight
Now it feels like you’re gone
Want me to forget
But these feelings too strong
Tonight I just want you right back in my arms


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