Rob Gronkowski Compares His Manhood To Tom Brady’s


Every time I write about the New England Patriots, it feels like there are some real shenanigans going on. Perhaps, more than any other team in the NFL. It’s impossible to say why that is. Maybe it’s because the team was full of interesting characters. Or maybe it’s the fact that winning so many championships has made the players go kind of insane. Either way, if you put a mic in front of Tom Brady or Rob Gronkowski, you know something bizarre is going to be said. I mean, do we have to say more than the infamous swamp ass revelation?

This time around, Brady made sure to compliment Gronk’s penis on an episode of The Howard Stern Show. In fact, he called it “amazing.” Well, Gronk heard these compliments and addressed them on Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live.” Unfortunately for Brady, Gronk wasn’t as complimentary. Sorry Patriots fans, I know you guys really wanted it to be better.

“No, not as nice as mine. I mean, the guy didn’t flock it as much as I did,” Gronk said. Clearly, the legendary tight end is very protective of the status of his manhood and would never bestow such a compliment upon his fellow man. 

As for myself, well, I fully expect the roast session in the comments and I look forward to reading all of it.


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