Rob Gronkowski Sets The Record Straight On His Retirement Status


Rob Gronkowski was easily one of the most entertaining players in the league when he wasn’t injured. The New England Patriots tight end could catch a ball put into any pocket and was almost impossible to take down thanks to his huge stature. As a member of the Patriots, Gronk won three Super Bowls and will forever be remembered as one of the best tight ends to ever play the game. Had he stayed healthy longer, he probably could have smashed every single record the position has to offer.

Now that Gronk is retired, Patriots fans are looking for any excuse to have some hope that he might return someday. There have been times where Gronk has given into the hubbub surrounding him although he hasn’t given any real indications of what his plans are, until now. According to TMZ, Gronk was on the “The Greg Hill Show” where he set the record straight.

“When I retired, I retired for a reason: because I needed to step away,” Gronk said. “So, it would be a ‘no.’ There it is. I never say ‘no,’ because I’ve said ‘no,’ and everyone’s like, ‘Yeah … he’s kidding. He’s coming back,’ … But it’s a ‘no.’ In my mind, that’s how it is. It’s a no.”

So there you have it Pats fans, Gronk is not coming out of retirement anytime soon. At 6-0, we’re sure the team will be just fine.


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