Rob Kardashian & Tommie Lee Reportedly Not Dating Despite Rumours


After it was reported recently that Rob Kardashian and Love & Hip Hop star, Tommie Lee, were dating, Wendy Williams made sure to dissect the situation and subsequently gain yet another enemy. Wendy laid it all out on The Wendy Williams Show this week, and addressed Rob directly. “Listen, Rob, all I am saying is, you got to do better in your choices in life, whether it’s business, personal, family or whatever,” Wendy said. “So, Rob is now 32 years old and Tommie Lee is 35, and she has got two daughters. The daughters are 15 and 12. That is the age where you say, ‘That ain’t my father.’ OK, and one of the kids, the oldest who is 15, she had while she was in prison.” Wendy then went on to air out Tommie’s criminal history, and denounced Rob’s decision to date her.

Lars Niki/Getty Images for New York Women in Film & Television

Tommie slammed Wendy on IG stories for slandering her name, writing, “Wendy, I will roast yo ass all the way back to ya dealer, b*tch. You will be DOA when I finish ya chill, sis! Dog face b*tch! I challenge Wendy Williams to a roast session! Nothing off-limits. Let’s go, ho. Tread lightly wise words from a felon! I know too much to be played with.” None of this was all that necessary, though, according to TMZ, since Rob and Tommie aren’t even together. Apparently the claims that they’re dating are “are 100 percent untrue,” and while Rob and Tommie do know each other, “they aren’t close and don’t even talk regularly.” Maybe Tommie and Wendy will still do that roast session anyway, just for kicks.


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