Rob Markman Is In Full Rapper Mode On “If You Don’t You’ll Regret It”


In contrast to another journalist turned musical artist, Rob Markman is garnering a buzz for the right reason. The veteran Hip-Hop journalist and VP of Content Strategy for Genius has interviewed the biggest names in hip-hop, but he’s also an artist in his own right.

Since his debut EP Write to Dream in 2017, Markman has been juggling both his journalistic and artistic dreams, and now, he’s sharing his latest body of work, If You Don’t You’ll Regret It, with the world. The album release follows months of him sharing loosies on the first and the 15th of each month, many of which have been included in the final tracklist for If You Don’t You’ll Regret It.

The twelve-track project is a considerably isolated effort, with Markman working extremely closely with collaborators DviousMindZ and BurnsBeats, but there are notable contributions from other producers and artists, specifically Illmind and upcoming Atlanta artist Cantrell.

1. Don’t You Worry (feat. BurnsBeats)
2. Easy Money Sniper (feat. Doeman & DviousMindz)
3. Me, Myself & I (feat. DviousMindz)
4. The Argument (feat. DviousMindz)
5. The Dakota (feat. DviousMindz)
6. Still Hear the Screams (feat. DviousMindz)
7. Parkside Freestyle (feat. DviousMindz)
8. Play in the Rain (feat. BurnsBeats)
9. On God (feat. DviousMindz & Illmind)
10. Good Friday (feat. Cantrell & DviousMindz)
11. Strongest Woman I Know (feat. Dj Money)
12. Don’t Beg, Don’t Borrow (feat. Saint Pat Beatz)