Robert Downey Jr. Talks “Dolittle,” “Iron Man,” & More On The Joe Rogan Experience


Robert Downey Jr. has officially begun his press run for the upcoming Dolittle film set to hit theaters this Friday, Jan. 17. And what better platform to begin his epic run other than the world’s most notorious podcast in The Joe Rogan Experience. In Joe Rogan‘s meticulously, unorthodox interview style, the multifaceted comedian gets the blockbuster superstar to open up on a wide array of topics outside of his Hollywood accolades. 

In the hour-plus interview, Rogan and Robert Downey Jr. touch on subjects including the upcoming Connor Vs Cowboy MMA bout, self-ridicule, creativity, cars, and more. What really has Marvel fans side-eyeing the Iron Man star is whether or not, Rob will be returning to the Universe as the iron suited superhero. 

Joe Rogan directly spit out the question the masses all want to know the answer to asking, “Is the door to Iron Man totally closed? Because I don’t believe it is. You guys can travel through time now…”

Without really answering Rogan’s question directly, Downey responded, “Let me ask you the question. If I picked up the jersey and put it back on, wouldn’t you feel a little bit like ‘uh, crap?'”

Downey continued to beat around the bush while Rogan attempted to predict the future of the genius/billionaire, Anthony Edward Stark. After nervously laughing and dodging a direct answer, the fate of Iron Man continues to remain a mystery. Check out Robert Downey Jr.’s full Joe Rogan Experience interview in the video below. Also, check out his Iron Man comments starting around the 11:20 mark of the video. 


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