Rockie Fresh & Arin Ray Hope It’s Not “2 Late”


Rockie Fresh came through with Destination this week, blessing fans with his first album since 2016. The project showcases Rockie’s many flows and condenses his thoughts into 12 tracks. “2 Late” featuring Arin Ray is a standout track on the project. The instrumental is mellow enough to rock you to bed, but the steady percussions inject some bop into the calm. Rockie opens up about a lover that he may have lost, and he hopes he’s not “2 Late.”

Arin Ray shines on the chorus of “2 Late,” giving the track a much-needed infusion of soul. Rockie’s melodic bars satisfy the ears, but Arin Ray’s croons bring some spirit to the track. Rockie has a way of relating to his listeners very well, and “2 Late” is another great example of that strength. The Rostrum Records artist is best when he’s being honest and candid, making “2 Late” one of the most enjoyable tracks on Destination.  

Quotable Lyrics
Now we know I played it cool, I was never puttin’ pressure
That was you, you was out here movin’ kinda extra
But you knew what it was every time a nigga text you
It was late night sexts, you would pull up second guessin’
‘Til we did the bed for hours set, followed by a shower set
Followed by another quick flex, we called it power reps
You said the time we spent was great, sex was great
But you wonder why we never go on dates, damn


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