Rockie Fresh Falls For “Maria”


Rockie Fresh is busy preparing his debut album with Rostrum Records. Entitled Destination, the new project’s goal is to thrust Rockie back into the forefront of the hip-hop conversation. Rockie dropped off the single “Round Here” along with a music video, but he wasn’t finished there. The young MC has blessed fans with another single, “Maria.” The bass-heavy cut has the perfect amount of bounce and is reminiscent of something that would have been popping in the early 2000s. 

Rockie croons about a love interest with the name Maria, and he mixes auto-tune laced singing with some traditional rap bars. Of all the songs Rockie has dropped in the last two years, “Maria” is the most commercially viable. The catchy chorus and addicting instrumental are sure to hook fans from the moment they hear the track. 

Quotable Lyrics
Your homegirls actin’ like a biaa
5-0-1 like some Levi’s 
Pull up in the drop throwin’ peace signs 
I can understand that you need time 
You can call me when it’s convenient 
I won’t say I want but I need it
Money comin’ in that’s the fast way
I left all my feelings in an ashtray


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