Rod Wave Laments The Trials & Tribulations Of Fame On “Shock Da World”


Rod Wave’s come-up has been a sight to behold over these last couple of years. With every new release, he delivers more and more hits and on Friday, he dropped his latest effort, titled SoulFly. There are a plethora of great tracks to listen to here but one that certainly stands out above the rest is an effort called “Shock Da World” which is found on the second half of the album.

This song is filled with some nice 808s and electric guitar will get you hyped for the bars that await. Lyrically, Wave spits bars about his come-up and the adversity he had to face on the way up. He even laments about the haters that have gotten in his way, and he even questions why they’re so pressed by him.

Overall, it’s yet another dope track from the artist and you can stream it, below.

Quotable Lyrics:

I tried to motivate the people but I made ’em angry
I tried to show ’em it was all love, that made ’em hate me
They criticize me and talk bad ’bout me on the daily
I get the money and stay out the way, they think I’m crazy