Roddy Ricch Gets Lured Into The “Boom Boom Room” In New Visuals


Roddy Ricch continues to ride the wave off the success of his debut album, Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocialwith his latest release. After nearly keeping Selena Gomez’s album, Rare, from debuting at No. 1 following his incredible feat of defeating Justin Bieber’s quest for “Yummy” to top the charts with his own single “The Box,” Roddy Ricch has proved that he’s a force to be reckoned with. He became the first act in the 2020s to hold the #1 song and #1 album at the same time before Selena took the throne for the latter, and, now that “The Box” is officially spending its second consecutive week at No. 1 on the charts, he is also the first act in the 2020s to lead the Hot 100 for more than one week. Now, the budding artist has dropped even content to contribute to his world domination: a music video for his track, “Boom Boom Room.”

In the visuals, Roddy suffers a sudden car accident, but makes a miraculously speedy recovery as he is lead into “The Boom Boom Room” by a mysterious woman. The debauchery commences as Roddy starts rapping and the lyrics of the track come to life. He tosses bills around and admires luxury cars inside the strip club, living a lavish life in the wake of his rising fame. A surprise ending reveals that the whole evening was just a fantasy Roddy has imagined as a result of his head injury from the crash. While the video’s imagery is nothing new or groundbreaking, you can’t help but root for this breakout star to have some well-deserved fun.


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