Roddy Ricch & Gunna Link Up On “Start Wit Me”


As fans await Roddy Ricch’s follow-up to Feed The Streets II, the California rapper continues to deliver a slow roll out of singles. He recently dropped off “Big Stepper” not long ago, a single that was well-received by fans, and there have been requests for Roddy to share the release date for his forthcoming project Please Excuse Me For Being AntisocialIt seems that Roddy is keeping that information close to the chest, but on Friday he shared new music once again, a track titled “Start Wit Me” featuring Gunna.

Roddy has previously expressed that there is no underlying delay in releasing Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial aside from wanting to perfect the album. “I just do what I can do and try to just tell my story,” Roddy recently said. “Just give the young people something that’s real. Something that ain’t fixated. Something that they could connect to. Like people that came before me, I don’t know some rappers, how real they are, how fake they are, with my story I try to just lay out the facts and let the younger people choose what they want to do.” Check out “Start Wit Me” and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

Got some hood n*ggas postin’ in the jordan
I have this n*gga on back of a carton
Spillin’ a bird, 33 on Cartier
I got 33 bitches with me
I’ma float to through the city, sippin’ on some Chardonnay
F*ck it, I’ma buy it out the bar today
F*ck it, I’m buying out Barney’s, yay
Imma hang with the gangbangers
He only hang with the feds and the rats and the mice


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