Rome Flynn Drops Off New Lovelorn R&B Single “Brand New”


There have been plenty of actors who have transitioned from their placements in front of the camera to their positions behind a microphone. Hollywood is filled with multi-talented artists who launch their careers in one category only to move into another once they reach a certain level of success, and Rome Flynn is taking a giant leap into music with his new single.

The former soap opera star and How to Get Away with Murder actor is no stranger to the music scene, but many fans aren’t as familiar with his vocal talents. The Emmy winner recently shared his latest single, an R&B jam titled “Brand New” that’s rumored to be on his forthcoming project, Energy. On “Brand New,” Flynn sings about a lover who has gotten herself into a relationship, but he’s having a hard time letting her go. Check out the track and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

Don’t tell me you’re in love
You just let that n*gga cuff you up
I can’t count you as a loss
If you still answer when I hit you up
But lately you’ve been out of line


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