Romeo Miller Recalls Black Cop Pointing Gun At Him Because He Thought Car Was Stolen


The Derek Chauvin trial is in full swing and it has not only reignited conversations about the death of George Floyd but police brutality, in general. In the first days of Chauvin’s trial, witnesses have taken the stand to testify to what they saw occur and some broke down recounting Floyd’s final moments as they begged Chauvin to stop kneeling on his neck. The public has taken to social media to share their stories of run-ins with law enforcement, and on a recent episode of The Mix, Romeo Miller told his tale.

Romeo Miller, George Floyd, Cops, UCLA
Paul Archuleta / Stringer / Getty Images

“The most recent time, I was at UCLA,” said Miller. “UCLA, you get pulled over over there, you better have that camera recording ’cause they don’t play no games. But the guy pulled me over at gunpoint. Black cop. And he was like, is this a stolen vehicle. I’m like, bro, relax. Just come check out my registration and get my driver’s license.”

Romeo claims the cop repeated himself and asked if the car was stolen. “And then, when he saw it was me, [he said], ‘Oh, Romeo Miller. Oh, you good. I thought you was just some random Black dude.” His co-hosts were in disbelief. “The scary thing for me is, it’s scary because my brother—I don’t care, you don’t have to be no random Black dude. My brothers ain’t famous. They bigger than me. They six-four, six-five.”

Miller chastised those in law enforcement who are “intimidated” by the presence of Black men. Check out the clip below as shared by AllHipHop.