Rosario Dawson & Her Family Sued By Transgender Ex-Employee For Assault: Report


She may be making headlines over her romance with presidential hopeful Cory Booker, but attention has also been drawn to Rosario Dawson over a lawsuit filed against her. A report by TMZ states that a former employee of Rosario’s has made a slew of accusations against the actress, including allegations that she and her family assaulted him for being transgender.

The outlet states that prior to transitioning, Dedrek Finley’s name was Deidre. He reportedly has known Rosario and her family for decades and moved from New York City to Los Angeles after the actress’s mother asked him to. Dedrek states that when he shared with Rosario’s family that he was transgender, the family wasn’t pleased. They refused to use his new name or pronouns, and Rosario would tell him, “You’re a grown woman.”

Kevin Winter/Getty Images – Rosario Dawson & her mother Isabel

This both angered and offended Dedrek, but he continued to work for Rosario. The deal was that he could live at the actress’s house in North Hollywood rent-free if he worked on home renovations. However, he states his hours were cut and he was unexpectedly told he needed to leave. Then, in April 2018, Rosario’s mother allegedly came knocking at the door, but when Dedrek stated he didn’t want to speak with her, she became violent, damaged the property, said she would kill his cat, punched him, and yelled that he wasn’t “so much of a man now.” Rosario was at the scene and, according to Dedrek, the actress pinned him down so her mother could continue the alleged assault.

The police later responded to the location following the alleged argument and Dedrek was taken to emergency care. He received a restraining order against Rosario’s mother and has filed a lawsuit against her, the actress, Rosario’s stepfather, and an uncle. They’re accused of “assault, battery, trespass, discrimination, [and] civil rights and labor violations.” This won’t bode well on the Democratic campaign trail.


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