Roy Woods Returns With New Song “Shot Again”


After a relatively quite 2019, Roy Woods is looking to bounce back stronger than ever this year. With an album set arrive later this year, the OVO crooner decides to come through today and share his first song of the year called “Shot Again.”

Over production from S.L.M.N & Prezident Jeff, the Toronto crooner reflects on problems and success over servings of liquor. “Think I need a shot again, I got a lot of problems that I cant let you know/ Think I need a shot again/ Somebody get the bartender and let me bring him to the booth,” he raps on the chorus. It’s unclear if this is Roy’s new single off the album or just something to hold us over in the meantime, but considering it’s getting the roll out treatment and music video soon, it seems likely this is indeed an album cut. 

Serving as the follow up to his latest release “Bubbly,” take a listen to the new R&B jam and let us know what you think. While you’re at it, check out Roy in our episode of “How To Roll A Backwoods” (below).

Quotable Lyrics:

Mixin’ up Givenchy and some Gucci for my fit
Shawty say she comin’ to the 6ix to see the kid
Since I met my niggas, we been ridin’ ever since
First time that I got the Rollie, it was president, uh
Yeah I went from underdog to big dawg
Came from Brampton, now I’m runnin’ with the 6 God
Heard them niggas talkin’, like they really gon’ approach
When we pull up on them niggas got amnesia they don’t know

– Roy Woods


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