Royce Da 5’9″ Blasts Kid Rock Over Bitter Detroit Call-Out


Royce Da 5’9’s scrapping days are long behind him, but people keep forgetting that he will can and will lay down the law when necessary. Kid Rock recently landed himself a reminder of this very fact, after he issued a dubious statement regarding the closure of his Made In Detroit restaurant. While defending his own honor from claims of racism, Kid Rock slid in a petty shot at the D, stating “I guess the millions of dollars I pumped into that town was not enough.” Evidently, his flippant dismissal drew the ire of Royce Da 5’9″, who swiftly took to Twitter to dole out some harsh advice. 

“Please shut the fuck up and get a publicist before you start a fire that can only be put out by the people who aren’t interested in your “millions of dollars” @kidrock,” writes Royce, laying down the law with authority. In truth, there’s some valid wisdom to glean from his callout, though it’s possible Rock might dwell on the first five words exclusively. In any case, the damage is done and Kid Rock might find the hole he’s been digging expanding at an exponential rate. 

In case you’re wondering how this debacle snowballed to begin with, recall that Kid Rock recently launched a vulgar and vitriolic rant aimed at Oprah Winfrey and Joy Behar. His reason for doing so was simple, as he rationalized on Twitter: “My people tried to get me to do The Oprah Winfrey show years ago and her people wanted me to write down 5 reasons why I loved her and her show. I said fuck that and her. End of story.” Is it about time for the “Bawitaba” singer to make a few calls, as per Royce’s advice? 


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