Rubi Rose Always Keeps Weed, $500 Perfume, & Her Student ID In Her Bag


The last episode of our new series In My Bag was pretty comical with RJMrLA showing us the two essentials that he keeps on him while he’s travelling: cash and a phone charger. If you weren’t entertained by the Los Angeles veteran, Rubi Rose keeps her purse stacked with a bunch of goodies that will certainly interest the ladies and men alike.

Joining us at the office, Rubi Rose emptied out her Yves Saint Laurent bag to show us what she keeps on her at all times. Right off the bat, the rising rapper reaches for her favorite thing, pulling out a bottle of Baccarat perfume. “This is one of my favorites, it smells good, it’s very expensive. It’s like $500,” she admits, spraying some on her clothes. She proceeds to pull out her passport, a dirty beauty blender for when she needs to touch up her face, a disorganized stack of cash, a red Gucci cardholder, and gum, which she calls “very important” because of her weed-smoking habit.

Pulling out a zip-loc baggie, Rubi Rose flexed whatever weed she had left on her, which doesn’t appear to be enough for an episode of How To Roll. “The left-over remnants of my marijuana,” showed off the star. “I like Runtz, that’s big in Atlanta right now. Connoisseur. I usually smoke backwoods but I’m trying to chill so here are some Bob Marley papers. Red lighter, everything red.”

Rubi ends the episode by rapping a few bars from one of her tracks, ending things appropriately and stuffing it all back into her bag.


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