Rubi Rose, DreamDoll, & Molly Brazy Hop On DJ Drewski’s “Water”


Rubi Rose, DreamDoll, and Molly Brazy all brought their A Game to “Water,” a new track from Hot97 radio host, DJ Drewski. As more and more female rappers’ careers begin to flourish, we’ve been introduced to tons of talented women in hip hop, and this track alone bears three promising stars for the female rap game.

The ladies really showed out on “Water,” each of them bringing something a little different to the table. DreamDoll opens the track with an in-your-face verse, spitting with a toughness that challenges the light and airy vibe of her moniker. Molly definitely manages to hold her own, but when Rubi hops on with her smoky, sultry flow, the vibe of the track changes directions entirely—in a good way. These three prove to be a complimentary trio, and Drewski offered a beat that allowed each of them to shine in their own ways. Check out “Water” below and let us know what you think. 

Quotable Lyrics

Switch the recipe I bake different
When Drewski on the set of the club, I shake different
I hop out the truck, I’m drippy as f*ck
Toast liquor, post pictures, how I get to the bucks
I don’t f*ck with foul bitches, no chickens or ducks
Give my real ones my last and won’t give you a f*ck


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