Ruby Rose’s “Batwoman” Reveals Sexual Orientation To Gotham City


Gender and sexuality are two topics that have been discussed quite a bit over the last few years. The LGBTQ+ community has seen a lot more visibility over the last little while which has led to more inclusion in the media, particularly TV shows and movies. One of the examples of this is CW’s brand new series, “Batwoman.” The title character, otherwise known as Kate Kane, is played by actress Ruby Rose who has been quite open in the past about her sexuality. 

On the latest episode of the series, Kane comes out to Gotham City as gay. This revelation comes as quite the risk because the more she tells about herself, the more likely it is people will figure out she is “Batwoman.” It’s important to note that Kane made this decision after seeing another character struggle to come out to their parents.

Kara Danvers players Supergirl who is the one who ends up writing the article about Kane’s sexuality. Perhaps the most significant part of this revelation is the fact that “Batwoman” is now the first openly gay title character in a superhero series. This is a huge step for LGBTQ+ visibility and with “Batwoman” leading the way, we could see other series take this route in the future.



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