Rumor: Xbox Series X Will Be 30% More Powerful Than PlayStation 5


As we inch closer and closer to the release of Microsoft and Sony’s next generation of consoles, more and more rumors about the systems are finding their way into the mainstream. The most up-to-date reports suggest that the Xbox Series X may be more powerful than the PlayStation 5.

According to, the next Xbox will have a GPU (graphics processor) that is 30% faster than the PS5. They report a leak that shows the Xbox Series X as having an AMD RDNA with 56 CUs at 1.7Ghz, whereas the PS5 has an AMD RDNA with 36 CUs at 2Ghz.

VG24/7 suggests that the newest leak may be from a member of AMD’s testing team who posted test results.

If these reports are true, this may lead to the Xbox Series X releasing at a higher price point than the PS5.

Separate rumors from this week suggest that the PS5 may include a new engine that allows for backward compatibility with PlayStation 1 through PlayStation 5 titles; however, this rumor, as reported by, sources streamer HipHopGamer, calling the reliability into question.

Both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are slated to release for the Holiday season 2020. More information could likely be announced during E3 in June 2020. 


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