Russ & Bia Share Their Naughty Sides On “BEST ON EARTH”


Russ has lowkey delivered an entire album by releasing one single after another for months now. The rapper has given fans “ON 10” featuring Rexx Life Raj, “Paranoid,” “CROWN,” “GRAMMY BAG FREESTYLE,” “Rent Free,” “Civil War,” “Summer At 7,” and “Old Days.” As we’ve hit another Friday, Russ continues his weekly releases with his latest, “BEST ON EARTH.”

The racy track features Bia who trades verses with the Atlanta-bred artist about their bedroom exploits. “BEST ON EARTH” samples the bed-squeaking classic beat from Trillville’s 2004 single “Some Cut” off of their debut album The King of Crunk & BME Present: Trillville & Lil Scrappy. Give “BEST ON EARTH” a few listens and let us know what you think about Russ and Bias’ freaky track.

Quotable Lyrics

Her ass fatter than fat and she got good throat
Sit that cat on my lap, I give it good strokes
I might have to fly her out to Mikanos
Or maybe to Japan so I can hit her like I’m Ichiro
She knows what the fuck is up, I don’t gotta dumb it down
Tatted like Rihanna, pussy singing like it’s run-of-town


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